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Playing comes naturally to us, after all we have been playing for hundreds of years!

Playing is essential and fundamental to a child's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.  Without healthy play, children are at risk of not being able to develop the skills needed as they enter school, which can lead to future problems as the become teens and adults. 

Babies learn to crawl, walk, and talk by mimicking their parents and siblings.

Our exhibits will allow children to use their senses as they see, touch, hear, and interact with them.  This allows kids to develop different skills such as concept development, motor skills, and problem solving. With these skills, children are better prepared for school and their future.

As you watch your child play and learn, you may very well be doing the same along with them.

Learning through play is not limited to a certain age! It is so special for children to learn by watching their parents, sibling, or friends have fun along with them. Through healthy fun play, children begin to love to learn and prepare themselves for the future. Come and play at Discover!


Downloadable PDFS for all the exhibits below ... coming soon!

latest news & events

  • The .09 Money .09 MoneyDiscover! was chosen for local funds, that are now being delegated to start site work for the museum. This money is specifically for entries and future parking for the museum, as well as some lines that will be run to the site. Check out our blog for more news!
  • The State Money State MoneyAfter much time, we are happy to announce that we made it onto the state bill that passed the capital budget in 2018. We are now almost two thirds of the way to reaching our goal of being fully funded, and construction for our permanent museum will start in the near future!
  • Rotary Auction- Traveling ExhibitRotary Auction - Traveling Exhibit TrailerThe LC Rotary Auction makes way for Discover! to go on wheels. Thanks to the Lewis County Rotary Annual Auction Event we will be able to attain our goal of starting community outreach. We have had plans for some time to reach out to schools and events by bringing fun exhibits to their locations. Enough funds were raised during the auction, to allow us to start the process of picking the trailer and filling it with fun exhibits to share with our Discover! Fans. Thank you Lewis County Rotary! and all of those who donated during the event!
  • Poppin' Pop Up! Discover!Poppin' Pop Up! Discover! has been in the works partnering with Lewis County’s incredible In-Tot. Together we have been reaching out to the community by being at several local events where we can spread the news about what we’re doing as well as offering fun activities and exhibits for kids to Learn, Play, and Grow! See our calendar for upcoming events!
  • Mentor’s Across the MapMentor’s Across the Map We have been fortunate with the openness of children’s museums. We have reached out to numerous children's museums around the state as well as around the country. Not only have we received a lot of helpful information and input, we have also been able to find out what kinds of exhibits seem to be the most fun, transition periods, and fun programs. That way our Discover! Adventurers can have loads of fun with us at the permanent location.


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