the discover! crew

  • Josh josh ... is 12 years old! He loves to do anything with art... sculpting, painting, you name it! He also loves playing all kinds of instruments! He has a little sister named Maggie.
  • Ella Ella ... is 12 years old! She loves sports, working with her hands and mind, and she especially loves Math! She loves to solve problems and make inventions that can do things around the houseā€¦ Like Robots! She is the oldest in her family, and has four brothers and sisters.
  • Tia Tia ... is 10 years old! She loves to dance, read, and tinker with science projects! She would love to be able to fly, as well as take care of her animal friends. Tia has a baby brother named Damian.
  • Dato Dato Dato is 8 years old! He loves to create stories and act them out for his mom and dad! He fights bad dragons, finds dinosaurs, saves fellow army men, and much MUCH more! Dato doesn't have any siblings yet, but he keeps begging his mom for a puppy.
  • Rylie Rylie Rylie is 18 moths old! She loves to play in the water, balls, her shoes, digging in the dirt, and of course stacking blocks super high!

can help

You Can Help

Do you want to be a partner with us. We know that it takes a village to raise a child, and we also know that we could use your help!

If you are interested in volunteering to help at the museum, we would love to have you. We will need help with the following:

  • Checking people in as they come to visit
  • Keeping the exhibits tidy as children go through them
  • Interacting with the kids as they play
  • Helping out with activities taking place during events

If you are interested in helping us out, there are a couple of forms that will need to be filled out. Please click the links below for the volunteer forms. Print and mail the forms to Discover! Children's Museum PO Box 147, Chehalis, WA 98532, or drop them off at our museum.

Volunteer Application
Background Check form

discover! crew
activity sheets

If you can't make it in then print us out! We know life is busy, but we also know that kids love having something to do. Click below to find FREE printable activity and coloring sheets.
Josh - “The Artist”

Coloring Sheet
Learn how to draw by grid!
Ella - “The Brain”
Coloring Sheet
Robot Parts
Tia - “The Dancing Vet”
Coloring Sheet
Tia's favorite things
Dato - “The Story Teller”

Coloring Sheet
Dato's favorite things
Rylie - “The Adventurer”
Coloring Sheet
Rylie's favorite things
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