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Love is in the Air!

How to Explain Valentines Day to Your Little One

valentine_heartToday I had the awesome opportunity of volunteering at Preschool Playtime. When we arrived, their teacher informed me that it was time to craft. Today was the day that we were readying twelve little ones for Valentines Day.

We created Valentines boxes, which many of you probably had children either make them at home or bring them home from school after the big day. It’s fun to talk to kids about Valentines day and see their excitement about the up an coming event.

Explaining Valentines Day

One of the best parts about today was hearing the kids sing “You are Special.” It was wonderful hearing their teacher describe how giving Valentines and sharing their love does what? It makes a people smile!

valentine_heart 3How can we nurture and support the meaning of the holiday and keep that excitement going? Children love to hear big numbers, and Valentines Day came from a Roman festival that started thousands of years ago.

You can describe how the emperor of Rome tried to prevent his soldiers from marrying. During that time there was a priest named Valentine that helped the love struck couples marry. He would then cut out a heart shaped piece from parchment paper, and give it to the soldier so he would remember that they are loved. Hence why we create Valentines!

Now some may argue that you should share that you are loved every day, and express that daily. Which is true, but for explaining Valentines day to little ones, you can further explain that these soldiers were away from their loved ones for a long time. Those Valentines meant so much to those soldiers as they were miles away from home, for a length of time that they did not know.

valentine_heart 4What to Expect

The first year that children receive Valentines, it can be overwhelming and confusing for some. Which is why you’ll find that teachers talk, sing, and make crafts in the weeks leading to Valentines day. Teachers also do a great job encouraging all their students to bring in Valentines for everyone in his/her class, so all students receive one.

If your kiddo comes home from school and they seem disappointed, let your kids know that giving the valentine is the special part of celebrating the holiday, and that it’s also not about the number of cards or candy they receive.

valentine_heart 2Spread the Love

NOW… Let your kids get creative! After you supplied them with the history of Valentines day, plus all the things they are hearing from their teachers at school, they can now make their classmates Valentines. There are of course oodles of kits that you can get at the store, but don’t feel limited to that if you want to have some crafting fun. You can find all kinds of ideas on the internet, but all you need is what you have in your home.

Crayons, markers, stickers, paper, glue, glitter or any other little things you want to add, are all you need to get started. So Discover! Valentine makers… Get going! It’s happening soon! We hope that you have a happy Valentines day and while looking at all the Valentines you receive, know that we LOVE you too!