Meet Marilynn!

Marilynn Chintella, Pilot Director and Board Member

Marilynn 2

Marilynn 3A Journey from Professional to Crazy – or How A Respected Science Teacher Became a Googly Eyed Vet

So, you may very well wonder about the photos above.  Just how does one transition from a standard professional photo into a googley eyed vet?  Wonderful and amazing things can happen at Discover! Children’s Museum.  Allow me to share a little about myself.

Marilynn 4Marilynn 7From an early age I had a love and curiosity of nature.  Just ask my Mom about those shell, bugs, leaves, and rock collections.  As well as hours of night time star gazing. It was only natural then for me to study science and education in college.  After 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching science in Sierra Leone, West Africa – I settled into a more traditional job teaching Life, Physical, and Earth sciences at Toledo Middle School.  Add to that – marriage and raising three children.  Time seemed to fly by!

But alas, all good things must end, and in 2011 retirement caught up with me.  However, that did not end my love of nature, kids, and learning.  In 2012, a close friend thought that with my background and experience in education, I might “fit in” with a group of folks who had a commitment to starting a children’s museum.  You know about those “matches made in heaven?”  This was one!

4 - Special Events Tab Under become weekend warriorWhen the pilot for Discover! Children’s Museum opened its doors in February of 2013; I began by serving as an Educational Liaison.  My job involved reaching out to schools and educational groups –both public and private – making presentations and extending invitations for teachers and children to come visit.  A few months later, I was invited to become Director for the remainder of the pilot program. What a marvelous opportunity!

Therefore, any good Director simply must dress up as a googly eyed vet on Halloween, right? That’s exactly what I thought too.

One of the many things Marilynn enjoys!  Star gazing!!!
One of the many things Marilynn enjoys! Star gazing!!!


Want to know a little bit more?


What you didn’t know about our dear Marilynn
  • I was born in Washington State, and except for my time with the Peace Corps, I’ve lived here my whole life – just in different cities!  Ballard, Edmonds, Seattle, and finally settling in Chehalis.  Chehalis has been my home for the past 36 years!
  • Parades! I DO love a parade and Lewis County has some of the best.  The 4th of July, the Santa Parade, and the Pet Parade, you are bound to find me along the sidewalk watching and waving!
  • My favorite local restaurant is Kit Carson!  Their crab sandwich is made in heaven and delivered right to my table.  Oh, and so are their cinnamon rolls!
  • One little thing many don’t know about me is that I’m a Champion!  Yes!  Twenty years ago I WON the pig calling contest at the South West Washington Fair here in Chehalis.  (Please don’t ask for a repeat demonstration though)

Until next time Discover! friends