Our Last Day at Discover! Pilot Children’s Museum

One of our friendly visitors

We started Discover! Children’s Museum Pilot project, which was set to open at the beginning of February 2013 and close in July.  The purpose was to see how a small scale Children’s Museum would do in our community.  Operations went so well, that Discover! was able to stay open till the end of October… and then the end of December.  December became the final month, when enough data was collected to move onto the next leg of our project.  So on the last day we decided that it was a day to rejoice, invite everyone with no admission charge, and have a party!  Closing day was full of fun and celebration.  We were fortunate enough to have more than two hundred visitors, and many of whom were visiting for the first time.  We even had a tortoise visit us as well!

The place is hopping

Even though many were a little sad to see us go, it was still fun.   Every exhibit was busy with little feet and little hands exploring the possibilities, which is exactly why our group wanted to open a museum for children in the first place.

Parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles followed their kiddos from place to place, and many joined in the fun.  Watching them laugh and work together as they built, created, and encouraged one another made us realize that yet another one of our goals had been met.  To see families come together, learn, and grow.  One family created this masterpiece!

One visiting family created this farewell message on Raygen's Amazing Heart exhibit.
One visiting family created this farewell message on Raygen’s Amazing Heart exhibit.

When it was closing time, our crew had a little bit more time to reflect and celebrate the success of Discover! Pilot Children’s Museum.  Lots of fun stories were shared, as well as goals reached, and visions of what we knew we could see in our future!   We are so excited to serve your families for years to come!