• To have fun
  • To learn through play
  • To do new things
  • To problem solve
  • To connect with kids
  • To watch them grow
  • To support youth in our community
project overview

Have a

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Board Members

Marilynn Chintella
Caryn Foley
Britney Hastings
Vanessa Horning
Larry Mcgee (Vice President)
Jakob McGhie
Allyn Roe (President)
Andrea Roe
Kelly Vanasse

Serving your community

Serving Lewis and Cowlitz County, as well as parts of Thurston, Grays Harbor, and Pacific County. 


Having fun at Discover Children's Museum

The Story

Discover! came forward from the desire to have a hands-on learning center where families can conveniently explore and learn in a creative and fun-filled environment. There are no family activity facilities in the Chehalis-Centralia area with a focus on education. During winter months there are few activities for families, therefore many families travel outside the County to visit similar facilities.

This need was clearly understood by the Chehalis Community Renaissance Team in 2009, and the inclusion of a Children’s Museum was integrated into their Comprehensive Plan. After the plan was adopted by the Chehalis City Council, the Chehalis Community Renaissance Team (CCRT) included the Children’s Museum as one of their many tasks to accomplish. In late 2009 members of the CCRT partnered up with the original visioners, and additional volunteers, to form a Children’s Museum advisory group. This group operates under the Friends of the Chehalis Community Renaissance – a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our mission

Discover! Children’s Museum is designed as a source to serve and nurture the learning needs of our community’s children and families. We strive to support a strong partnership with our schools and parents to encourage our community’s children to learn by having fun! Discover! will provide a high quality learning environment where visitors can gather to see, listen, feel and enjoy compelling and ever-changing, interactive exhibits. Imaginations will soar as visitors approach areas designed to boost curiosity, create play, and foster problem solving.

Our vision

Discover! will serve as a source for families, schools, artists and others to gather and enliven learning through play. Discover! will provide our community with a fun, central hub for activities, help ready children for school, allow them to discover their talents and interests, and all while fostering growth and self-confidence. The museum will also provide families an opportunity to come together for activities where parents can further explore their child’s abilities and a few of their own as well!

Our goals

Create an environment where parents can connect with their children and discover their child’s abilities and interests. Provide a facility with interactive exhibits to spark the imaginations of people (young and old) and encourage play and exploration. Partner with schools, early childhood facilities and parents to supplement education by providing fun activities and events that complement existing learning approaches.